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Ensemble Klang and Korzo proudly present this special edition of Musical Utopias created for the Korzo's online theater Studio X. This edition presents six brand new works created by artists brought together in creativeconversation. Composers, poets, film-makers, singers, dancers, choreographers, lighting designers and of course the musicians, present works that all stem frommore than one creative voice: artistic dialogues thatexplore our current situation and look with hope to thefuture.


Ensemble Klang en Korzo presenteren met trots de speciale online editie van Musical Utopias, gecreëerd voor Korzo’s online zaal, Studio X.  Tijdens deze online editie van het Musical Utopias festival worden zes spiksplinternieuwe werken gepresenteerd, gemaakt door muzikanten en kunstenaars die samen komen in muzikale en creatieve ‘conversations’.

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